The Shipyard

Build in tandem with the ancient and the new, solar sails chart our escape from fossil fuels. The future listens to the wind, will you?

Exciting ships

ZESTA stands for Zero Emission Ship Technology Association, a group of engineers, designers, and ship operators who are investing in the development of technologies. From soft sails to rigid metal collapsible sails, these new and retrofitted ships are rooted in respect for the oceans.

A tribute to the SailCargo movement

In the jungle of Costa Rica, in abandoned industrial ports of post-war towns, in former colonies seeking independence from decaying empires, people are working towards a new dream. Each scenario in The Shipyard is a tribute to those incredible people, and magnifies their hopes and dreams by the power of interactive storytelling.

Beta test

The game will be accessible on private beta starting 2022. Contact us at to be added to the list and receive keys/builds of the game!