Concept art services

We are a cooperative of procedural design experts for games and cinematic VFX. Whether you need to visualize complex levels or get Blender nodes tools to set-dress it, we will listen carefully and help you deliver next-generation gaming experiences for your players.


EnoraVFX develops original game IPs and the cross-media storytelling built around them.
See our recent work for The Shipyard

Visual development for League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra. We helped Riot develop Runeterra from a gaming IP to a media franchise.

World-building for Valorant. We helped making sense of a FPS's storytelling universe and how that would impact shape language across maps.

Highlighting realtime raytracing for Nvidia's launch of the RTX series and studio drivers for Blender. Leveraging 10+ years Blender exp.

Siege of a castle by 10 thousand soldiers, giant stone elephants with flaming catapults, or pico-sattelites in low Earth orbit- if you can name it, we can visualize it.